Colin Bennett

Reporting from Santiago, Chile

Colin Bennett is an Iowa native now based in Santiago, Chile. Over the last 10 years Colin has covered a variety of topics in Chile and other Latin American countries. Food and the industry behind it has emerged as one of his favorite subject matters, from seafood to fruit, farming to retail. Colin enjoys examining the details which make the difference for these global industries that call Chile and its neighbors home.

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Published on
July 10, 2019

Following press accusations of underreporting against Chilean salmon farmer Nova Austral, the country’s fisheries and aquaculture service Sernapesca said it has filed three formal complaints against the company for adulteration of information. Meanwhile, the company has defended its operation.

In a statement, Sernapesca said that it has concluded a 14-day investigation against Nova Austral, a firm controlled by Chilean and Norwegian

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Published on
May 30, 2019

Looking to diversify past the dominance of salmon in southern Chile, the government-backed aquaculture innovation center AquaPacífico has inaugurated a new center that will focus on developing 17 different commercial fish and mollusk species in the north of the country.

The AquaPacifico center is located in the city of Coquimbo, around 400 kilometers north of the capital Santiago, and is a joint initiative founded in 2016 between the

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