AMP Saumon de France acquires Saumonier de Cherbourg

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January 11, 2017

Cherbourg, France-based AMP Saumon de France has acquired Saumonier de Cherbourg, based in Tourlaville, as a means to expand its products offerings.

Pascal Goumain, president of AMP Saumon de France, which farms salmon in Cherbourg harbor, told Ouest France it will move the salmon smoker onto its premises and open a factory outlet by March or April for direct-to-consumer sales.

“The idea is to expand from artisan farmer to artisan smoker, " Goumain told the news site.

In addition, Goumain said the company, which was founded as Salmona in 1987, has produced around 200 metric tons (MT) of salmon recently but aims to increase production to 500 MT in 2017. It has also put forward a plan, which awaits approval from municipal authorities in Cherbourg, to move to a closed-circuit system, allowing the company to grow vegetables using the waste produced by its fish.

“There is no opposition, it just has to go to town council,” Goumain said. “A few months to wait, therefore, before the work begins."

AMP Saumon de France has also launched an e-commerce platform, allowing consumers to purchase its products via the internet.

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