Sally James

Contributing Editor

Sally has written about the seafood industry for more than 20 years, beginning when she served as culinary editor for Seafood Australia. She is an award-winning Australian chef, educator, television presenter, and has written eighteen books, including two international award-winning books with IACP and the World Cookbook awards in France. She has been a guest chef and lecturer for the American Heart Association, the Culinary Institute of America, Disney’s Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, COPIA, Draegar's and Publix Markets, the American Institute of Food and Wine, and Johnson & Wales Universities across the United States. Her work has appeared in Cooking Light, Savor Wine Country, Weekend Wine Watch, Vogue Entertaining, Delicious, Family Circle, Qantas Magazine and many more.

It’s that time of year again, where life seems to be one long celebration, with parties galore before the final New Year’s Eve countdown.  Thinking up new and interesting ideas for your cocktail and dinner parties can be a challenge, and seafood provides the perfect basis for creating a treat for sharing!

Not only is seafood lighter and healthier than traditional rich and heavy holiday season offerings, it adds a certain je ne

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For many, fish is the dish you only have when you go out. Some find cooking it intimidating, some don’t know how to tell when it’s cooked, and others don’t know how to select it. There are many reasons to enjoy more fish at home and chefs are the first say that the fears of cooking fish badly are unfounded, and that cooking fish can be as simple as cooking an egg. First, it offers so much variety when considering weekly meals

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Published on
September 5, 2018

As with their land-based animal species, Australia is home to some of the most unique seafood and fish, some which is exported, and some they hang on to in order to lure visitors in for the real experience of the home territory. This story brings you a taste of five less expected or less beautiful shellfish from around the world – some which you’ll find scattered across different oceans and countries, or maybe even on your local

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