Formerly called Nile perch, Lake Victoria perch is a freshwater fish found in central Africa’s lakes and rivers. Lake Victoria, roughly the size of South Carolina and with 2,000 miles of shoreline, claims the largest population of this species. The fish originated in the Nile River — hence its original market name — but in the 1960s, the British introduced the perch to the lake to curb the growth of other species and develop a sport fishery. The huge, carnivorous perch has since all but taken over Lake Victoria, decimating some 350 species of native fish in the process, and now supports a substantial commercial fishery. Like many species found in Africa, Lake Victoria perch is enormous, reaching 300 pounds and 6 feet in length. It is said to be the largest freshwater fish in the world. Commercial sizes, however, range from 6 to 14 pounds. The fish are harvested by small boats working close to shore with gillnets and longlines.