The name “porgy” comes from an American Indian name meaning “fertilizer,” a common use for these abundant fish during Colonial times. While porgy is the preferred name for the species in the United States, where it is sold mainly in ethnic markets, in Europe it is called sea bream. About 15 species of porgy, including members of the Sparidae family of sheepshead and scup, are found on the American side of the Atlantic. They range in size from 1/2 pound to 20 pounds, though market-sized fish weigh 3 pounds or under. The largest is the red porgy (P. pagrus), found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. It is caught by hook and line and trawls and is also a popular recreational fish in the United States. Argentina is the world’s major red porgy producer and sells frozen fish to markets in Europe, where the fish is highly regarded. Uruguay and Brazil also have commercial red porgy fisheries.