Found in most northern waters, pink shrimp rank among the most important commercial shrimp species in the world. In the North Atlantic, they range from Greenland south to Martha’s Vineyard in the west, and from Iceland and Greenland south to Britain in the east. In the northeastern Pacific, they range from the Bering Sea south along the North American coast to Oregon. In the western Pacific they are found from Russia south to Japan and South Korea. P. jordani, a close relative of P. borealis, is found exclusively along the Pacific Coast from Queen Charlotte Sound in Alaska to San Diego. Trawlers harvest pink shrimp over clay and mud bottoms in depths ranging to 4,500 feet. Rarely exceeding 5 inches, pinks are smaller than many shrimp species (average market size for whole pink shrimp is 40 to 55 shrimp per pound). They are also hermaphrodites, spending their first year and a half as males, then turning into females.