Understanding Transformation: Climate, Plastics, and Equity

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Seafood2030The term “transformational change” is often misunderstood by industry. In truth, transformation simply means driving change outside the existing system (incremental change is a one-off change to the existing system, reform or architectural change is broad reform of the existing system, and transformation is working outside the existing system or developing a new system). For sustainable seafood, that means working outside seafood supply chains where most of the sustainability tools and programs are focused. The major drivers for climate change and plastics that negatively impact seafood exist outside seafood supply chains and require policy changes outside seafood. Supply chain equity or creating stable healthy communities that can deliver assured and low-risk supply to seafood supply chains also require working outside the supply chain to address challenges like water treatment or infrastructure to support adequate cold chain necessary to deliver healthy, sustainable products to seafood businesses and consumers.

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