Keynote: Seafood2030 Presents – Resilience, Innovation, and Transformation: Bouncing Beyond in a Post-COVID World | Product


Speakers: Sarah Hogan, Program Officer - David & Lucile Packard Foundation; Teresa Ish, Senior Program Officer, Environment Program - Walton Family Foundation; Eduard Müller, President - University for International Cooperation in Costa Rica; Per Olsson, Researcher - Stockholm Resilience Centre; Steve Waddell, Lead – Bounce Beyond

Session Description: “COVID-19 has been a fire-drill to test the resilience of our systems” according to Eduard Muller, President of the University for International Cooperation. The last year has brought a renewed focus on the resilience and transformation of everything from supply chains to economic systems to technology and networks. But years of research before COVID-19 has greatly improved our understanding of resilience and processes of transformation. This session’s panel is made up of three experts in the field who share their understanding of what makes systems resilient and how the seafood industry can better prepare their systems for future disruption and opportunity.