Eating up the Oceans- How Do We Save Our Seas? | Product


Speakers: Jennifer Bushman, Strategic Development Consultant - Route to Market

Michiel Bakker, Vice President of Global Workplace Programs - Google

Katherine Bryar, Global Marketing & Branding Director - Biomar

Douglas Gayeton, Co-Founder - The Lexicon

Alf-Gøran Knutsen, CEO - Kvarøy Arctic, Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett, Arctic Seafarm

Our oceans are an endless source of wonder and possibility. Their health also dictates the fate of our planet. Currently, it’s the Wild West on the open sea as overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, and climate change threaten the very existence of marine life – and our own. With the global population expected to grow to nearly 10 billion people in the next 30 years, we simply must find a sustainable way forward. And we can… by eating MORE for right types of fish, seafood and seaweed. Saving the Seas: Can We Eat Our Way Out of Crisis? is a panel that will explore a provocative solution to an urgent issue.  Over the course of the last year, led by The Lexicon, Google and GSSI, over a hundred participants have come together to build a connected market tool. This group represents a coalition of fishers,  water farmers, scientists and conservationists, supermarkets, restaurants, food service companies, designers, storytellers, and entrepreneurs who share a vision to restore our ocean ecosystems and create a more equitable food system. One that recognizes the vital contributions of fishers and water farmers and provides a suite of tools that measure and validate ecosystem benefits so that buyers can match their dollars with their values. Join us as we share the process, how the group came together and what the future holds!