Fresh from Farm to Market: Challenges and Solutions for an Unbroken Cold Chain


From aquafarm through processing and to the market, maintaining freshness is a challenge. In a perfect cold chain, seafood is rapidly chilled upon harvest and kept cold, with no temperature fluctuation.

Handling it right and efficiently though, is easier said than done! In most cases it takes hours to chill the fish, occupying resources to manually shovel ice and mix water. It is a challenge to maintain a consistent product quality - especially in larger industrial operations.

Unautomated and inefficient processes, high ice consumption, poor grade products and low yields ultimately costs farmers and processors. There is a better way!

If top quality and high efficiency are a top of mind priority, this webinar is for you!

Join us as we discuss solutions for preserving seafood quality throughout the cold chain, and learn from industry success stories:

  • What they’re using DeepChill® for
  • How DeepChill® is integrated into their operations
  • How their business has been impacted as a result

About DeepChill

DeepChilling™ guarantees a high quality by rapidly cooling product and maintaining sub-zero temperature - without freezing - throughout the cold chain. Seamlessly integrated into your operation, DeepChill® automates icing processes, improves efficiency and helps you deliver consistently top-quality product.