One Year Later: How Remote Audits are Transforming Seafood Certification | Product


Speakers: Steven Hedlund, Communications & Events Manager - Global Aquaculture Alliance; Greg Brown, SVP, Operations and Strategic Development - Global Aquaculture Alliance; Efrain Calderon, Head of Certification Assurance Team - Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC); Antonio Hervás, Program Manager for the MSC Accreditation Program – ASI; Libby Woodhatch, Executive Chair - MarinTrust

Session Description: It’s been just over a year since COVID-19 forced seafood certification programs to rethink how audits are conducted. With pandemic-inflicted travel restrictions limiting auditors’ ability to conduct onsite audits of aquaculture production sites and fisheries, certification programs worked with certification bodies to shift to partial or full remote audits while remaining in compliance with accreditation bodies. What’s working? What’s not working? What’s the future hold? Representatives of the world’s leading seafood certification programs discuss the advantages and disadvantages of remote audits, the need to maintain confidence and integrity in auditing, and the efficiencies that certification programs are realizing through remote audits.