Can Online Ordering and eCommerce Work for You and Your Customers? | Product


As consumers, we all order online. Increasingly, customers also are demanding this functionality from seafood distributors. Those who have it are increasing sales and staying ahead of their competition.

If today you don’t offer your customers the ability to order online, then this webinar is for you.

Today, 86% of US Foods’ customers use the company’s online sales portal— and Forrester Research expects the online B2B e-commerce market to be twice the size of the U.S. B2C market within 12 months. But, many seafood suppliers don’t offer this and are behind in the adoption. 

This webinar will discuss the benefits of an intuitive, real-time Online Ordering system with customer-specific product catalogs, order guides, pricing, volume discounts and more. More importantly, this webinar will help you discover how online, mobile order entry can help you increase your top-line revenues, acquire new business, and retain existing customers.