Building a Sustainable Seafood Movement in China: Insights and Opportunities | Product


China’s seafood production, consumption, aquaculture operations, and commercial fishing fleets are staggering in size. Did you know that China as a country consumes more seafood than the next 10 countries combined? Or that 25% of the world’s commercial fishing capacity is Chinese and 35% of the world’s seafood (wild and farmed combined) comes from China?

Despite the size of the Chinese seafood industry and the unique status seafood has in Chinese diet and economy, the industry as a whole lags behind most North American and West European countries from a sustainability perspective. However, a recent push for reform and collaborative, science-based work has begun to turn the tide on Chinese fisheries and aquaculture operations and management.

Join Ocean Outcomes, local Chinese partner Tao Ran and other industry leaders as we paint a picture of the status of Chinese seafood and fisheries and then highlight opportunities and challenges of improving sustainability of both in the world’s “greatest” fishing nation.