The State of FIPs in 2020–A Briefing for Seafood Businesses | Product


Over the past 15 years, fishery improvement projects have become the most widespread approach for using the power of the seafood industry to help fisheries get on a path toward sustainability. The 2020 Global Landscape Review of FIPs combines data on FIP performance with insights from more than 250 FIP implementers and stakeholders. The result is a global analysis of how FIPs have grown and evolved since 2015, the best practices that lead to success, and the common challenges many FIPs are grappling with. The report also examines the essential role that seafood businesses play in motivating FIPs to make more progress. Join lead authors Max Levine and Sydney Sanders from CEA Consulting on March 25, the day the report will be released, for the first public briefing on the report’s findings.