A Fish-Eyed Lens on Cost Management: What You're Not Seeing Can Hurt You | Product


The seafood industry is a price sensitive, seasonal and specialized market. And it’s becoming even more complex. With business consolidation and industry globalization, having a “cost management” strategy is not enough. Today’s leading seafood companies need a financial management strategy with advanced visibility, accountability, KPIs and real-time reporting throughout the supply chain.

From sea to seafood counter, join us for this impactful webcast to learn the latest financial management best practices that will set you up for real growth including:

  • How your margins are truly impacting your business
  • Why interest rates are a critical factor in today’s financial strategies
  • How to avoid cost management siloes across your supply chain
  • What leading seafood companies are doing to stay ahead of the competition with financial management strategies
  • What are the four best short-hand measures of financial progress toward long-term succcess
  • Hidden "free cash" in your business
  • The importance of both cash flow and profitability