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MULTIVAC - USA has over 3,500 active US based packaging machines and growth of 250+ new machines sold annually. To provide customers with a single source supply network, MULTIVAC offers thermoforming, traysealing and chamber machines along with labeling, printing, inspection, and automation, plus MULTIVAC Certified films designed and tested for optimal performance. Our customers rely on the vast expertise of our global manufacturing and the local support from our Kansas City, Missouri headquarters and three regional offices with nearly 150 field sales and technical service representatives.


Location & Contact Information:

60 South Jefferson Road
Unit 2
United States

Telephone: 800-800-8552
Fax: 816-801-4760
Contact email: [email protected]

L 300 Top & Bottom Labeler

The L 300 conveyor belt labeller applies labels from above, below and over the edges and is an economical solution for standard labelling tasks. It has an independent machine control and stands out for its small footprint. The L 300 can be connected to a packaging machine or used as a stand-alone machine.

P 650 Double Chamber Machine

The BASELINE double chamber machine P 650 is suitable for packing large products in big batches, thanks to its especially large chamber. The machine is equipped with two sealing bars. The P 650 is available with various pumps and several equipment options. Because of its even work surface, it can be washed down.

R 081 Thermoformer

With the R 081 thermoform packaging machine, MULTIVAC offers an entry-level machine that reliably processes both rigid and flexible films. It features a high degree of format flexibility and an excellent price/performance ratio.

The R 081 thermoform packaging machine runs rigid and flexible films and is characterized and enables an easy die change. The R 081 can be used for a variety of applications thanks to its various equipment packages.

R 105 MultiFresh Thermoformer

For the MultiFresh™ packaging procedure, the R 105 MF thermoformer was developed to create the most attractive vacuum skin packaging. Thanks to the unique interaction of machine and packaging material, MultiFresh™ vacuum skin packs of groundbreaking quality and perfection are produced.

MultiFresh™ packs are able to securely enclose products with sharp or hard parts, such as bones or shells. The upper and lower web are completely sealed with each other enclosing the product entirely.

T 300 Traysealer

With its space-saving design, the T 300 allows trays to be packaged in very limited spaces. The smallest fully automatic traysealer from MULTIVAC is suitable for packaging small to medium-sized batches. It has energy-efficient drive systems and can be washed down. The T 300 can be configured with multiple tracks, enables a quick die change, and can be combined with discharge systems. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, its operation is very user-friendly. The machine can be individually equipped.

T 600 Traysealer

The T 600 is the smallest fully automatic traysealer from MULTIVAC which can be integrated in a packaging line. The inline traysealer is suitable for the packaging of small and medium-sized batches. It has energy-efficient drive systems, can be washed down, and allows for a quick die change. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, its operation is very user-friendly. The machine can be equipped to scale and customised.