Pacific Seafood Co., Inc.

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Company Description:

Founded in 1941 by the Dulcich Family, Pacific Seafood remains a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the healthiest protein on the planet. Pacific Seafood manages all parts of the supply chain from harvesting/fishing to processing, and distribution in order to provide customers with fresh, sustainable, high-quality products. Pacific Seafood Group is headquartered in Clackamas, Ore. It employs more than 3,000 team members across 41 facilities in 11 states, and several countries.


Fin Fish, Other Seafood, Shellfish, Whiting, Rockfish, Tuna / albacore tuna, Salmon / Pacific Salmon, Sablefish, Perch / Pacific, Pollock, Halibut / Pacific, Hake / North Pacific, Cod, flatfish, Caviar

Location & Contact Information:

16797 SE 130th Avenue
United States

Telephone: 503-905-4500
Fax: 503-905-2472
Contact email: [email protected]

Albacore Tuna

All naturalMSC certified sustainable fisheryHarvested in the cold waters of the North Pacific OceanHigh in Omega-3 heart healthy acidsLow in mercury & sodiumZero trans fats

Coldwater Shrimp

• Harvested and processed in the USA
• Oregon MSC certified fishery
• Fully peeled and cooked—Ready to eat
• Processed fresh off the boat
• Cryogenically flash frozen locking in fresh flavor and texture

Columbia River Steelhead

All-American, raised in the USAGrown on the Colville Nation on the mighty Columbia RiverBright red flesh with only natural pigmentsRich with Omega-3 heart healthy acidsShorter distance from the farm to storeReduced carbon footprintAvailable year-roundIncreased shelf lifeAll natural feed

Dungeness Crab

• Fully cooked and ready to serve
• MSC certified—Oregon harvested crab
• A favorite of chefs around the world
• Sweet, succulent and sustainable
• Fresh crabmeat available year round
• Sustainably harvested –regulated size limits and no females allowed to be harvested

Newport Shrimp

Product window on front & back for clear viewingBest Aquaculture Practices certifiedAll essential information bilingualTwo recipes on back of packaging

Pacific Halibut

All naturalLong line caughtWild & sustainably harvestedProcessed in USAPatented process assures a “better than fresh” eating experience year round.

Pacific Halibut with Halibut Protein

• All Natural
• Long line caught
• Wild & sustainably harvested
• Pacific Premium is a patented process that reintroduces natural halibut protein recreating the fresh experience.

Pacific Rockfish

• All Natural
• Wild Caught
• Year-round availability
• Also marketed as Pacific Ocean Perch (POP) in some regions
• Harvested from well managed fisheries

Pacific Whiting

• All Natural
• Wild Harvested
• MSC certified sustainable fishery
• Abundant & well managed resource
• Harvested in the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean

Redwood Curtain Oysters

Redwood Curtain Oysters from Humboldt Bay, a Pacific Seafood Exclusive.