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For four decades, Sea Port has met the needs of the market by sourcing seafood from the best global suppliers. We are known for strong industry leadership and for having integrity in everything we undertake. Sea Port is a proud leader of sustainable seafood initiatives through our involvement in industry associations and key partnerships. To obtain the best available seafood products from a leading seafood importer, why not ride our wave?


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Black Tiger Prawns

Considered the"King of Shrimp"by many, Black Tigers are the choice to make when presentation counts. Quality Black Tiger Prawns should have a crisp bite or snap and a pleasant shrimp taste. Black Tiger Prawns can be seasoned and used in an infinite variety of preparations. Farm-Raised in Southeast Asia, Penaeus monodon, have the firm texture chefs' demand for customer pleasing dishes.

Greenshell Mussels

The sweet and delicate flavor of the green mussel compliments many cuisine styles. Tender and juicy when properly prepared, green mussels have a distinctive flavor that lies somewhere between clams and oysters. Professionals enjoy the superior meat-to-shell ratio of 55 percent. Unique to New Zealand's pristine waters, the GreenShellâ„¢ or Green-lipped mussel is named for its attractively colored shell.The meat is either cream (male) or orange (female).

Mahi Mahi

Mahi-Mahi has a sweet, mild-to-moderate flavor. It is lean with fairly firm large flakes. Mahi Mahi is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including broiling,grilling, poaching,steaming, baking or frying. Low in saturated fat, Mahi Mahi are a good source of vitamin B12 and potassium and a very good source of niacin, vitamin B6, selenium and protein. Mahi Mahi's brilliant appearance makes it one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean.

New Zealand Red Cod

Red Cod works well in many recipes and can also be used as a substitution when your recipe calls for other white fish. Red Cod has a white, moist flesh with delicate texture, low fat content and flakes easily. Excellent in sauteing, grilling or baking.


Squid is a versatile product that is not strongly flavored, but considered by many to possess a kind of sweetness. The meat is tender and succulent. Sea Port's Premium Calamari (Squid) selection is made to meet the needs of all restaurants whether white tablecloth establishments, sports bars or take-out operations.