New patrol vessel to target domestic illegal fishing in China

Published on
December 22, 2017

The main fisheries authority in China’s busiest fishing port has announced the launch of a large new patrol vessel to cut overfishing in domestic waters.  

The Zhoushan Ocean and Fisheries Bureau announced the launch of a new 300-ton fisheries patrol vessel for domestic waters in China’s busiest fishing grounds.

The 50-meteer-long “32102 Fisheries Enforcement” vessel was built by the Jiang Long shipbuilding firm, according to a statement from the bureau. No figure was given for the price of the boat.

China has significantly increased its fleet of fisheries enforcement vessels in recent years. However, its patrol vessels have also controversially been involved in enforcing Chinese claims to disputed parts of the South China Sea. 

China remains keen to conserve and replenish fisheries stocks in its domestic waters, with a recently launched propaganda campaign pushing the government’s aim of reducing fishing in domestic waters. 

However, China has simultaneously encouraged its fishing companies to shift their focus to international waters, and the government has not been outspoken on numerous recent allegations of Chinese fishing vessels operating illegally in other countries’ exclusive economic zones. In a recent example, Chinese state-controlled media has thus far been silent after authorities in Nigeria apprehended several Chinese vessels for illegal fishing

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