Mark Godfrey

Contributing Editor

Mark Godfrey is an Irish journalist covering the agriculture and fisheries sectors in Asia, with a focus on China. Proficient in Mandarin, he has frequently traveled across China's fisheries and aquaculture regions and learned the inner workings of China's corporate world during a nearly three-year stint at the Financial Times' “China Confidential” publication. He has also reported widely across Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union. He has educational certificates in agriculture and food science, as well as Mandarin.

Published on
May 24, 2018
Rashid Ali Juma

Zanzibar’s fisheries minister has said he’ll be keen to welcome investment by Chinese fishing companies in his island. That’s according to a Chinese report on the visit by the minister, Rashid Ali Juma, to Zhoushan, China’s leading fishing port for the country’s long distance fishing vessels.

During his trip, Rashid met executives from the tuna-focused Tai Ping Rong Fishing Co. as well as the Zhejiang Xing Ye Group. … Read More

Published on
May 16, 2018

A prioritization of environmental laws by the national government is bumping up against local ambitions to grow aquaculture in China.

There have been distressful scenes in past weeks at fish farms around the country as farmers have met the full impact of government’s new get-tough approach to water pollution. Farmers of perch, bass, and other species in Guizhou Province protested after being forced to quit their cages on Guang Zhao Lake. El… Read More

Published on
May 15, 2018

Wenzhou city has forbidden sale of local supplies of eight species of fish during the period of China’s national fishing ban, which runs from May through September.

The species includes croaker, silver pomfret, ribbon fish, mackerel, and mantis shrimp, as well as marine crabs. Posters displayed around the city warn locals against selling or buying the species in the interests of “public welfare.” Other posters and slogans plaste… Read More

Published on
May 14, 2018

A Chinese mass-market seafood restaurant chain has made the latest opening in its blistering-paced expansion with a new outlet commencing business in central China. 

The Hai Xian Yu Shang Mian chain opened its latest restaurant in the sprawling central Chinese city of Zhengzhou. Hai Xian Yu Shang Mian targets for the mass market with dishes like shrimp noodles and fried squid averaging around CNY 23.50 (USD 3.70, EUR 3.10).

The chain is run … Read More

Published on
May 11, 2018

Government money is being channeled into encouraging farmers to install solar panels on aquaculture facilities in one of China’s key crayfish production regions. 

China is the world’s leading manufacturer of solar panels, as well as the leading installer. China appears to be using that strength as part of a dual-pronged effort to both support the industry and alleviate poverty. The central government has backed a trial program th… Read More

Published on
May 10, 2018

Transparency is paying off in seafood sales for Alibaba-backed supermarket chain Hema. 

The chain has won favorable publicity over its practice of supplying staff with scissors to snip the corners of the plastic bags in which fish are sold live from the store’s tanks. Hema Xiansheng (the name translates roughly as “boxed/packaged freshness and liveliness”) stores operated by Alibaba’s online commerce group have even l… Read More

Published on
May 9, 2018

International canners are making a play for China’s middle class with offerings of products that cast sardines and tuna as healthy dining options.

One of the players is Malaysia-based Tropical Group, which has launched its “Xiao Pangzi” (literally translated from Mandarin as “Little Fatty”) range as a localization of its TC Boy brand of canned fish. The tuna with olives (CNY 19.90 [USD 3.12, EUR 2.63] for 180-gram ca… Read More

Published on
May 8, 2018

A Chinese seafood distributor with close links to Norwegian exporters is building a new 200-square-meter store in Qingdao, a leading Chinese city and seafood hub. 

Zhen Da Yang, a subsidiary of Qingdao Hai Li Nuo Biotech Co., already operates two stores in the city. The firm has 3,000 distributors nationwide handling its gift boxes, which include content from several Norwegian firms as well as Canada-based Clearwater and numerous Chinese fis… Read More

Published on
May 7, 2018

A move to make the island province of Hainan even more amenable to tourism is being made at the same time as the Chinese government is encouraging the growth of tilapia aquaculture in Myanmar. 

Long a center of the tilapia cultivation, in recent years, Hainan has become a holiday destination, undergoing a massive buildout of real estate that has crowded out aquaculture ponds. It appears as if China is seeking to further extend its appeal as … Read More

Published on
May 4, 2018

Leading Chinese aquafeed player Guangdong Haid has signed a cooperation partnership with Swiss-based equipment maker Bühler to build a feed plant in Indonesia focused on that country’s shrimp sector. 

Speaking this week at the extravagant opening ceremony for the Swiss firm’s giant new manufacturing plant in eastern China’s Changzhou, Haid’s Vice President Tian Li said Haid will expand output to meet growing dema… Read More