SEAFOOD2030 VIRTUAL SUSTAINABILITY FORUM | Designing the Future of Sustainable Seafood

In May of 2021, Seafood2030 hosted 7 virtual sessions looking at different aspects of Designing the Future of Sustainable Seafood and specifically how we can collectively work more effectively as a “sustainable seafood system”.

The seafood industry has driven a great deal of innovation around sustainability and responsible supply chains to help prepare for future challenges. Lessons learned from other industries and similar efforts are providing a roadmap for navigating an increasingly complex future.

“What we have today is a set of organizations and actions that grew up without any particular overall design – they were responses to particular emergencies and solutions. The challenge today, is to move from that approach to an overall system design approach – where the entirety of the organizations and efforts are connected in ways that they act as a well-functioning system for seafood, healthy oceans and fair labor. The goal here is not coordination – the whole is much too complex for that. Rather, it is about coherence, so things flow easily to the desired outcomes. Think of the highway systems – they are not constructed to coordinate everyone’s activity, but to provide channels and flows to get to diverse destinations.” Steve Waddell, Seafood Expo North America Reconnect Keynote

Day 1 of the Virtual Program consisted of approaches to system design and Day 2 focused on emerging system design in seafood.