Why Seafood Quality Is Critical: From Fishermen to the Supermarket and Chef, and How To Deliver It | Product


Moderator: Chuck Anderson, Certified Quality Foods

Christina DeWitt, Oregon State University
Denise Englade, Rouses Markets
Brandii Holmdahl, Bornstein Seafood
Jaimy Sorrell, Performance FoodService

According to the most recent FMI Power of Seafood report, quality is the number one factor that seafood consumers are concerned about when buying seafood. It is the number one concern every year. Grocery shoppers feel confident they can buy fresh poultry twenty times in a row and get a good quality meal twenty times in a row. Do your seafood customers know they will get twenty excellent quality seafood experiences in a row? Our panel of quality assurance and procurement experts explain why quality is essential for all levels of the seafood supply chain, why current seafood quality is inconsistent and how to improve operations to consistently deliver premium quality.