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RMI 540 with PXT™

This Eagle x-ray machine incorporates an innovative inclined infeed and out-feed conveyor which reduces the number of surfaces product comes into contact with. By eliminating the need for radiation shielding curtains, and with its easy-to-remove belt, sanitation time is reduced for faster and more efficient washdown‒keeping production lines running longer for optimum output. It also incorporates a wide belt ideal for multilane applications to help you keep pace with volume while ensuring contaminant detection for raw and unpackaged products. And with Eagle’s PXT™ detector technology, it is capable of detecting bone fragments down to .5 mm in frozen fish filets. For more information visit the prouct page at X-ray System RMI 540 | Eagle Product Inspection (eaglepi.com)

Pack 400 HC with PXT™

VIEW 3D INTERACTIVE TOUR HERE >>> With Eagle’s PXT™ x-ray detector technology, The Pack 400 HC is capable of detecting contaminants and bone fragments that would otherwise go unseen to the naked eye. From canned products to frozen fish blocks, the system has multiple inspection capabilities and helps manufacturers increase productivity by simultaneously performing inline product integrity checks: Superior bone detection Contaminant detection Mass measurement Package integrity Component counts For more information on this machine plesae visit X-ray System Pack 400 HC | Eagle Product Inspection (eaglepi.com) See more information regarding specific seafood applications at our resource center.  

PXT™ Dual Energy Technology

PXT™ is Eagle's new radically enhanced, proven solution for superior bone detection in poultry. This breakthrough technology offers significant proven performance for superior detection of bones down to 1 mm for a wide range of applications. It is a proven technology that has been radically enhanced for bone detection in poultry, from bulk flow to packaged retail. Watch the video to learn more! Visit www.eaglepi.com/pxt/ for more information.

Pipeline with PXT™

Eagle’s Pipeline, equipped with SimulTask™ PRO imaging software, discriminates contaminants by density to clearly identify foreign body materials. A 3-way automatic reject valve ensures contaminants are removed from the production process and keeps the removal of good product to a minimum. This not only cuts the risk of a substandard product reaching end consumers, but it also minimizes product waste. Combined with durable stainless steel construction, the Eagle™ Pipeline has an IP69 ingress protection rating and helps manufacturers comply with stringent HACCP protocols. It is equipped with easy front access for fast maintenance and cleaning, and the manifold design provides a uniform area to maximize detection capabilities at 3” and 4” pipe diameters. The Pipeline inspects pumped product and rejects contaminants prior to packaging or processing, which minimizes wasted packaging materials, as well as product rework and loss. By removing contaminants earlier in the process, it decreases the potential for expensive downtime caused by damage to downstream equipment. VIEW PRODUCT PAGE >>>>

Seafood Solutions

To meet today’s challenges and provide the highest quality standards, seafood processors need trusted, detailed information at every inspection point to help make better, faster decisions. Nothing is more critical to the success of your products–and your business. Advanced inspection systems from Eagle, including our breakthrough PXT™ detector, help seafood manufacturers inspect more and catch more, to ensure you are delivering superior quality while optimizing your business performance. Eagle’s powerful seafood inspection offers vast benefits: • Superior contaminant detection down to the smallest foreign objects • High-value technology designed to provide in-depth visibility and data • Machines with unmatched ability to withstand the rigors of seafood production environments • Unmatched quality inspection and proven reliability • Flexible solutions that are easy to operate and maintain • Complete confidence with highly-skilled training and support Our application experts will configure the best solution for your inspection needs by combining a robust, hygienic physical machine design with the ideal generator and detector, and SimulTask PRO™, our superior image analysis software that is the basis for all our operator-friendly inspection systems. TEST YOUR PRODUCT >>>>