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Introducing KTI’s Flake Ice Plants, designed to deliver sub-cooled, dry, and thin ice, perfect for swift cooling and packaging needs. Encased within 40-ft. containers, these plants offer daily capacities of up to 100 tons per unit, available as plug & play or split units. With a constant production of flake ice at a thickness of 1.5 mm, adjustable up to 2.5 mm, you're ensured the finest quality ice, straightforward, efficient, and adaptable to your requirements. Key Features: Sub-cooled, dry, and thin ice, ideal for rapid cooling and packaging Ice generators featuring chrome-plated surfaces for durability Market's smallest footprint, requiring only 1 container for up to 100 tons/day Utilizes ammonia as a natural refrigerant, ensuring top efficiency Pre-assembled with safety and regulating equipment for convenience Equipped with cutting-edge compressors, heat exchangers, and regulating gear, our Flake Ice Plants can be tailored with an evaporative condenser, cooling tower, or air-cooled system, ensuring versatility to suit your specific setup and preferences. Choose KTI for excellence in ice production - uncomplicated, effective, and adaptable.


Discover the innovative solution to your ice production needs with KTI’s Plate Ice Plants. Offering an energy-efficient alternative to flake ice production, our Plate Ice Plants deliver moist, free-flowing ice that melts slowly, ensuring longer storage periods and optimal performance. Renowned for their reliability, Plate Ice Plants have long been favored for their efficiency in ice production. However, the storage and delivery of plate ice demand expertise and precision. That's where KTI's Plate Ice Plants (PLIP) shine, especially when paired with our Mobile Ice Storages, providing a seamless solution to meet future demands. Here's what sets us apart: Enjoy moist, free-flowing ice that melts slowly, perfect for extended storage. Benefit from an impressive energy advantage of up to 45% for ice production. Embrace environmental responsibility with ammonia as the refrigerant. Rely on durable stainless steel ice generators for consistent performance. Experience convenience with fully containerized units capable of producing up to 160 tons of ice per day. Keep maintenance to a minimum thanks to the absence of moving parts inside the ice makers. Our Plate Ice Plants are meticulously engineered and prefabricated with premium components, ensuring efficient operation while reducing both power consumption and maintenance costs. Choose KTI for superior ice production solutions that meet your needs today and in the future.


Discover the pinnacle of ice storage innovation with KTI Mobile Ice Storages, meticulously engineered to maintain optimal conditions for various types of ice, ensuring a storage longevity of up to 10 days. Mastering the art of ice handling, KTI offers a solution that transcends conventional storage methods, providing efficiency from production to transportation. Ice handling poses unique challenges, demanding precision and expertise. Flake ice, with its dry, crispy texture, contrasts with the wet and slippery nature of plate ice. As the global leader in ice handling technology, KTI delivers Mobile Ice Storages with capacities of up to 120 tons, featuring robust, fully automatic ice rake and discharge systems. These systems are ingeniously housed within heavy-duty steel frames or containers, accommodating capacities of up to 23 tons. Your Benefits: Integrated ice rake ensures automatic leveling and discharge. Crafted with premium stainless steel for exceptional durability and hygiene. Tailored designs cater to various types of ice, including flake and plate. Compatible with any ice plant, offering seamless integration. Patented air circulation and room cooling systems extend storage times beyond 7 days. Choose between pre-assembled or bolted versions for worldwide transport and relocation. Ice rake systems designed for effortless installation within buildings. In industries like fisheries, where stringent hygiene standards prevail, KTI rises to the occasion with an ice storage solution crafted to premium specifications. Our stainless steel ice bins and rakes epitomize cleanliness and reliability, meeting and exceeding industry standards with ease. Elevate your ice storage experience with KTI Mobile Ice Storages, where innovation meets excellence.


Introducing KTI’s Containerized Blast Freezer, a premium solution crafted to swiftly freeze your catch with reliability and flexibility at its core. This self-contained freezer is engineered to perfection, ensuring seamless operation and hassle-free maintenance. Key Features: Self-contained design eliminates the need for a dedicated plant room. Plug-and-Play functionality requires only a 3-phase power supply for operation. User-friendly design ensures effortless operation. Spare parts are easily accessible, minimizing downtime. Benefit from our extensive service network spanning across Africa. Engineered and built in Germany for unrivaled quality and performance. Experience the convenience and efficiency of KTI’s Containerized Blast Freezer, designed to meet your freezing needs with precision and excellence.


Introducing our cutting-edge Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) storage solution – the pinnacle of efficiency and natural preservation for temperatures plummeting below -40°C. Crafted to perfection, our ULT system is your ultimate ally in freezing Tuna at an impressive -60°C. Powered by air as a refrigerant, KTI’s Ultra-Low Temperature Store (ULT) stands as the epitome of innovation for safeguarding vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive substances. It's not just storage; it's a testament to quality, flexibility, mobility, and reliability, tailored to meet the demands of frozen tuna storage. Trusted by fishing companies, fish processors, traders, logistic firms, and distribution centers alike, our ULT technology has become the go-to solution. Encased in a CSC-certified 40 ft container, its compact design allows for seamless global transportation and swift installation, whether as a standalone unit or an extension to existing cold stores. Within hours of setup and connection to power and water supply, the ULT is primed and ready to operate, anytime, anywhere. With the ULT by KTI, your prized Tuna and other goods can luxuriate in optimal temperatures, ranging from an astonishing -110°C to a cozy -30°C, all thanks to our sustainable and efficient cold air cycle technology. Welcome to the future of ultra-low temperature storage – where precision meets preservation, and innovation thrives.


Ice production is just the beginning. When it comes to handling and transporting ice within your plant setup, precision is paramount. KTI Design understands this necessity and offers a comprehensive range of equipment tailored specifically for the unique challenges of ice management. Our team of engineers specializes in advising and assisting customers throughout the entire ice handling process, ensuring optimal performance from ice discharge to packing or utilization. With years of experience, we're equipped to tackle any ice-related challenge, providing tailored solutions for various types of ice, including flake and plate ice. Once ice is discharged, our systems seamlessly convey it to your specified destination, whether it's a processing facility, fishing vessel, packaging machine, or storage bin. We offer a range of delivery and weighing options to enhance efficiency and reliability, including integration with existing control systems for streamlined operation. Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, our ice handling equipment is constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel for exceptional durability. For sensitive applications such as fish processing, we offer premium designs crafted from stainless steel and food-safe materials to meet regulatory standards without compromise. Your Benefits Fully automated ice delivery and weighing Easy, efficient, and rapid ice delivery Precise ice dosing for optimal use Long-lasting performance thanks to robust design and age-resistant materials Tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements Expert advisory services for optimal ice handling strategies Ice vending systems for accurate invoicing Choose KTI for reliable, efficient, and tailored ice handling solutions designed to elevate your operations.


Engineering Solutions for Success At our core, we embody engineering excellence, drawing from our deep-rooted expertise and experience. Our commitment to technical advisory ensures that our clients receive optimal design solutions tailored to their needs. With a focus on customization, we deliver precisely what our clients require, adhering to strict design-to-cost principles to maximize value. Embracing modular setups, we empower our clients with flexibility, while our unwavering dedication to quality ensures the reliability of our systems for secure operations. How We Add Value: Cooling Requirements: We meticulously calculate cooling needs or collaborate closely with our clients to determine them Ice Equipment Consultation: We offer expert guidance on the ice equipment necessary to fulfill cooling requirements. Technology and Efficiency Analysis: We provide comprehensive comparisons of technologies and energy-efficient operations, aiding informed investment decisions. Tailored Solutions: For extraordinary and complex projects, we craft comprehensive solutions to meet unique challenges. Seamless Integration: Our expertise extends to seamlessly implementing cooling equipment into our clients' systems. Experience Success with Our Engineering Solutions.