Big Bins is a closed-circuit industrial purification system for molluscs, developed to guarantee the maximum flexibility of use to cater for the logistics and storage needs of customers. Constructed by a staff of qualified technicians specialized in industrial systems, every Big Bins installation is designed specifically for every single order. The Big Bins system, easy to operate and requiring only minimum maintenance, is built with high-quality materials and is equipped with powerful technical fittings to ensure that molluscs can be purified, desanded and finished in a single cycle of just 6–12 hours. The finished seafood products are of unparalleled quality, and can be kept in perfect conditions of health and hygiene until needed for sale. https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/big-bins/

Bins minor and Unico

Bins Minor and Unico offereres practical and technically perfect solutions destined to give long and reliable service. The overall purification and finishing cycle varies from 6 to 12 hours, and after treatment the finished product is of the highest quality, in both its conditions of health and hygiene and its culinary excellence. Systems are easy to operate, requires only minimum maintenance and has low power consumption, and also offers the possibility of connection to one or more display tanks in the sales area. https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/bins-minor/ https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/unico/

Tritone VTR

This industrial system for the storage, conservation and display of crustaceans or fish is particularly appreciated and requested by supermarket chains. The housing in impact-resistant fibreglass is robust and excellently finished, with insulated glass on the front and sides to enhance the visibility of the products stored, highlighted by the LED illumination system inside the tank. The Tritone VTR model is complete with efficient technical operating equipment that can faithfully reproduce the marine habitat of the product, keeping it alive, healthy and in full view. The dimensions and colours of the tank can be customized. Easy to operate and requiring only minimum maintenance, it is constructed to ensure long-lasting operation. Dimensions : mm: 1500x1200x1120h mm: 2000x1200x1120h mm: 2500x1200x1120h mm: 2500x1200x1120h double tank mm: 3200x1200x1120h double tank https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/tritone-vtr/

Danubio new

Danubio New is an industrial system for the storage of crustaceans, particularly appreciated by wholesalers and cash & carry stores. Easy to operate and requiring only minimum maintenance, Danubio New is complete with extremely efficient technical equipment and a biological filter with a high flow capacity. Made with a strong double-shell fibreglass housing, robust and impact-resistant, with a palletized base. With variable water oxygenation, low energy consumption and minimum noise emissions, Danubio New is designed and constructed to keep large quantities of products alive and healthy. Dimensions :  mm 2200x1300xh1020 mm 3200x1300xh1020 https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/danubio/


An attractive system for crustacean storage, enhanced by the styling of the technical equipment compartment on one side, made in anodized aluminium with sheets of coloured PVC. Its easy features of use and operation make it particularly appreciated and requested by fishmongers, cash & carry stores and restaurants wishing to create an elegant “corner of the sea” with technical, functional and display elements. The isothermal storage tank reduces power consumption, keeping the water at the temperature set with the thermostat for longer. Posillipo 147 is made with top-quality materials, capable of keeping products alive, healthy and in excellent conditions until needed for sale. Storage tank available by request with dimensions of 112x112xh86 cm or 199x117xh88 cm. https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/posillipo-147/


Gourmet is a combined aquarium-full view system, compact in size. It allows you to concentrate a refrigerated display case in a small space to put freshly caught fish in the right spot and a live maintenance system for crustaceans or mollusks with double system, which can be used as single or double tank. Gourmet is much more than a compact fish shop, ideal for display and maintenance. It’s that extra touch of class that will make your business and restaurant unforgettable. Customizable upon request. https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/gourmet-2/


Capturing the challenges has always been our prerogative: because winning them means guaranteeing customer satisfaction. The implementation of the LUNA model was born precisely from one of these challenges; it is an aquarium-nursery for displaying and maintaining crustaceans, with a double glass display chamber at only one temperature. LUNA has been designed for top-level restaurateurs and fishmongers, who want to present their precious delicacies in “beautiful view”, thus keeping them alive and vital until they are sold. The history of LUNA’s production comes from a specific request, i.e. the suggestion of one of our customers who, having seen a similar product, asked us to make this type of aquarium unique and corresponding to its vision: the finishes were optimized, the water circuit and the LED lighting system, which we made manageable both with the alternate cycle with the colors of the rainbow and with the remote control, were improved. https://www.tecnoimpianti-riccione.com/en/luna/

Complete fishmongers design

The first step, before moving on to the actual design, is the feasibility study during which we collect all the information necessary to identify your needs and specificities. The second step is that of technical planning, in which we go to identify the technical and design solutions best suited to you and your business: we take care of every detail and component of the project, with the aim of finding the right solution to the problems to be solved . This is why, before being put into production, we carry out more projects and make more proposals, which we will discuss with you, among which you can choose the one that best suits your storage, space and budget needs. In addition, we aim to supply systems with increasingly higher performance levels, reliable, innovative, attractive but at the same time long-lasting. This is why Tecno Impianti International boasts a strong vocation for technological innovation and research into design, combined with extreme craftsman skills in the construction and finishing of every single system. We also dedicate the same care and attention to our customer assistance services, and we can always be reached, providing you with all the skill and experience of the same technicians who designed and built the product we supplied you with. Our absolute aim is always to guarantee the highest possible quality of your seafood products at all times, in full view and perfectly alive and healthy until needed for sale. For your maximum business success!


  It is the evolution of design stimulated by the growing need to amaze with the diversified display of LIVE and very fresh fish products, to capture the eye of those who enter and satisfy the most demanding palates for the freshness and wholesomeness of the freshly caught product. Pescado is a system with two columns of superimposed tanks on three floors, with double temperature, refrigerated fish counter or scale table, technical equipment on board the machine. It is customizable in design and structure, in dimensions, colors, coatings and lighting.


Marechiaro is a dream come true for fishmongering and catering operators. With Marechiaro it is in fact possible to display both crustaceans and molluscs in a single structure, keeping them alive and healthy in perfect conditions of hygiene until needed for sale or use. The standard version of the system has separate holding tanks in insulated glass, with two different technological operating systems positioned on two levels to ensure maximum product visibility. The support structure is made in steel, with panelling in satin-finished stainless steel. Like all other Tecno Impianti International products, Marechiaro is easy to operate, requires only minimum maintenance, and can be customized in its dimensions and surface finishes. Made to ensure long-lasting operation, using materials of the highest quality.