One of the most wide-ranging of the five Pacific salmon species, chums are landed in commercial quantities in the eastern North Pacific from Del Mar, California, to the Arctic Ocean’s Mackenzie River and south to Honshu, Japan. Commercially caught chums run from 6 to 12 pounds. Almost all chums are caught with seines or gillnets. Although the price is right, many buyers still shun chums because of the fish’s inconsistent quality. At the top of the line are the small quantities of troll-caught chums produced by fishermen in British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. Seine-caught fish are also quite good. Chum is graded in several stages. Silverbrights are ocean-run fish with reddish-pink flesh and shiny silver skin. Semibrights have watermarks above the lateral line. Grading terms such as fall chum, dark chum, qualla, calico chum and river chum are used for fish with watermarks below the lateral line.