Driving Towards Shrimp Sustainability - a French Market Initiative | Product


Shrimp farming has a unique impact on the environment. This panel session seeks to explain how some French companies pre-competitively joined forces with Ecuadorian shrimp producers to assist in sharing improved practices. This panel will be moderated by Florie Hovine, initiative coordinator, from the Earthworm Foundation. Panelists will include Justine Delettre, from Nausicaa Aquarium to talk about the Mister Goodfish program, and how the program is recognizing good farming practices and promoting shrimp products in stores.  Philippe Blais from Unima will represent the French consuming market. He will testify on why this work is important for those companies, and the value they see behind improved practices. Lastly;  Alejandro Aguayo from Langosmar will talk about adopting sustainability efforts and the difference it can make for customers.