Overcoming the Hidden Costs of Spreadsheet-based Inventory Control | Product


For many seafood distributors, basic software tools like spreadsheets, when designed properly, offer the level of insight they need on current stock and commitments. 

Over time though, these tools can become highly customized, increasingly complex and difficult to maintain.

Having a firm grasp of your inventory at any given time — and avoiding purchasing too much product or turning away business that you think you’re unable to handle — takes a lot of time and effort.

Join the conversation as seafood industry expert Jim Levy of CAI Software, developers of the Seasoft ERP software for the seafood food service industry and Casey Coyle, technology developer for Food Connex discuss the hidden costs of inventory control and the benefits of a real-time order and inventory management integrated with the general ledger.

Hear best practices for technology-savvy seafood distributors to:

  • Simplify real-time inventory visibility control
  • Ensure an air-tight audit trail and security on your inventory quantities to prevent theft and fraud
  • Avoid the pitfalls of having to duplicate work or worse, having your data wiped out by a careless select-all and delete.