Webinar: Global Salmon Initiative | Product


Current models of food production will not be sufficient in feeding the growing global population by 2020. As we look for ways to produce more with less, the Blue Revolution offers great potential in providing highly nutritious food with a lower environmental cost. However, significantly more needs to be done to ensure this potential can be met in a sustainable manner, for which we need to think innovatively. 

Traditional approaches to industry improvements focus on only moving the top higher, and less attention is paid to the under-performing. This webinar will discuss a different approach – instead challenging us to view sustainability as a pre-competitive issue – resulting in a much greater impact, in a shorter period of time. 

Avrim Lazar, Convenor of the GSI, will discuss the reasons why this unconventional approach will increase the success factor for the Blue Revolution, and how other sectors could look to replicate this approach. In addition, Ricardo Garcia, CEO of Camanchaca and Einar Wathne, President of Aquaculture, Cargill Nutrition, will share their experiences of incorporating this model into their daily business practices. The session will cover the key attributes of a pre-competitive model, the opportunities and challenges faced, and both the environmental and economic results the first case-study of its kind is showing.