Harnessing Public-Private Partnerships To Combat Forced Labor in the Seafood Sector


Moderator: Kelly Kryc, NOAA

Ame Sagiv, Humanity United
Adriana Sanchez, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
Matt Tinning, At-Sea Processors

Combating forced labor in the fishing industry is a priority for the seafood sector and has emerged as an especially difficult challenge for governments, industry, and civil society. Addressing harmful labor conditions requires a comprehensive approach due to the inherent industry risks, the complexity of the global seafood supply chain, and the diversity of authorities participating in the fishing sector. This session brings together representatives of the U.S. government and outside stakeholders under the auspices of the 21-member U.S. Interagency Working Group on IUU Fishing, which was established to provide a whole-of-government approach to combating IUU fishing and associated issues like forced labor. The wide-reaching discussion will focus on the current landscape, challenges, and innovative opportunities to leverage public-private expertise and resources to combat labor issues in the seafood sector.