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Pangea Shellfish Company is a shellfish wholesaler based in Boston, MA that provides premium shellfish products to distributors and food service establishments. Our mission is to source and distribute the finest oysters and shellfish in the world while honoring our oceans, customers, and vendors. We carry over 70 oyster varieties throughout the year, a full-line of shellfish products, and our own farmed oysters from our Standish Shore Oyster Farm in Duxbury, MA. Our products are distributed throughout the United States and Canada.


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314 Northern Ave
United States

Telephone: 617-439-4999
Fax: 617-439-4099
Contact email: [email protected]


Over half of our oyster varieties are from the Atlantic. We carry oysters from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Canada, Long Island Sound, and the mid-Atlantic. We are known for our local Massachusetts selection (over ten varieties at any time of year) and our Wild Belon Oysters. We are also the exclusive distributor of Bristol Bay Oysters®, Mayflower Point Oysters®, Standish Shore Oysters®, Summerside Oysters®, and Thatch Island Oysters®. (Available in 100ct. packs)


All of our hard-shell clams come from New England because of their superior shelf-life and flavor. These local clams are harvested from coastal ponds, which produce sweet, beautifully peach-colored meats. We carry multiple sizes including countnecks (also known as littlenecks), topnecks, cherrystones, and quahogs. (Available in 100ct. packs)


We partnered with New England’s best crab processor to provide high quality, ready-to-serve Jonah crab meat. Crab is produced to order in real-time to ensure freshness. Our assortment includes double scored claws, cap-off cocktail claws, empress claws, all-leg peekeytoe meat, and combo meat. (Available by weight)


Our specialty mussel selection includes Hollander & de Koning “Dutch-style” Mussels from Maine and Cape Bay Mussels from Cape Cod Bay. H&D mussels are unique blue mussels because they are bottom-cultured, which produces hearty shells and full meats. Cape Bay mussels are special because they have extra-large shells that make them extremely noticeable. (Available in 10 lb bags)


Some of our most popular specialty clams include manila clams from Washington and cockles from New Zealand. By storing them in our licensed wet storage system, we are able to extend their shelf-life after their long flight from the West Coast. (Available in 10 lb units)


On the East Coast, we are the premier distributor of Pacific oysters. Our West Coast oyster selection includes varieties from Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington. We distribute many popular boutique oysters such as Kumamoto Oysters, Kusshi Oysters, Shigoku Oysters, and have access to many more. (Available in 120ct. packs)


We carry a number of shucked shellfish products including shucked Willapa Bay oysters, chopped clams, and fryers. These items are great for stuffing, frying, and baking. (Available in half or full gallon containers)


Depending on the season, we also carry specialty shellfish items like bay scallops, in-shell sea scallops, uni, sea urchin, and razor clams. (Seasonal availability – please call)


We buy most of our high quality steamers, or soft-shell clams, from Maine and distribute them rinsed or Perfectly Purged®. All broken and oversized clams will be picked out. Our Perfectly Purged Steamers® are placed in our wet storage system for 36-48 hours to purge of any sand, and then they are packed with bubble wrap and an ice pack to ensure 100% yield. (Available in 10 lb, ½ bushel, and full bushel)