BlueTrace for Producers/Harvesters

BlueTrace is an affordable, easy-to-use, software platform purpose built for SMB Seafood operations who want to improve operations & regulatory compliance. Simple tagging and labeling, digital logs, and inventory control in an all in one package you can’t find in expensive ERPs, generic CRMs, or whiteboards & homegrown spreadsheets. Creating shellfish tags by hand or with an old desktop printer setup is a drag. You’ve got to deal with ripped and lost tags, data errors, and technology from the last century. And all the info that goes on the tag has to be rewritten, a second time, in your logs. Double entry wastes a lot of time. With BlueTrace your tags get smart. Enter data once as you harvest to print your tags on the printer we supply you, and your harvest log is built, automatically.  Get a log to an inspector by just tapping a button and a spreadsheet arrives in your inbox, ready to send.  And not only are these tags smart, but they look great and professional.  Showcase your brand by preprinting the backs of your tags in 4-color, high-resolution for a lot less than custom bags or packaging.