Nicki Holmyard

Contributing Editor

Nicki Holmyard lives and breathes the seafood industry. As a specialist freelance writer for 25 years, she has travelled the globe to research in-depth articles, interviews and news stories on all aspects of fishing, aquaculture and processing for international journals and newspapers. She has contributed to books on sustainable seafood sourcing and the effects of climate change on the oceans, and acts as a communications consultant for leading fishing and aquaculture concerns. Nicki is also a director of Offshore Shellfish Ltd, which is developing Europe’s largest rope-grown mussel farm.

Published on
August 24, 2009

Earlier this year, Melanie Siggs, VP of sustainable markets for SeaWeb, took on an international leadership role at the environmental NGO's Seafood Choices Alliance program. Siggs talked to SeafoodSource recently about her new position and the challenges her organization faces in the near and long term.

Holmyard: What is Seafood Choices Alliance?

Siggs: Seafood Choices is part of SeaWeb, an international NGO since 1996 that combines strategic commu

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Published on
July 31, 2009

Europe's cod farming industry is in a state of flux, marred by poor prices, a drop in production and a lack of confidence on the stock market.

However, its supporters remain confident that the problems currently hindering the industry can be solved. These include disease, predation, biological challenges at first feeding and high production costs, all of which make farmed cod uncompetitive with its wild counterpart.

Cod is currently farmed in Nor

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Published on
July 14, 2009

The demise in June of a major halibut-farming venture in the Shetland Islands leaves just two players in the region, yet both remain optimistic about the future of this species. Scotland is expected to produce around 200 metric tons of halibut this year.

Halibut farming in Norway has fared rather better, with three large companies in production and several smaller operators growing halibut in a cage or two alongside salmon.

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Published on
July 1, 2009

On the eve of Sweden taking over the European Union presidency, Eskil Erlandasson, Swedish minister for agriculture, fisheries and forestry, on Tuesday set out his vision for the six-month term.

Speaking to a gathering of North Sea Regional Advisory Council (NSRAC) members in Gothenburg, Sweden, Erlandsson said moving reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) forward was a major goal.

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Published on
June 24, 2009

GlobalGAP on Wednesday announced a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to certify fish farms in an effort to minimize the negative impacts associated with aquaculture.

By supplementing its existing food safety, environmental and social standards with the metrics-based environmental and social standards under development by the WWF Aquaculture Dialogues, GlobalGAP will offer an expansion to its program so fish farms can be certified in one ste… Read More

Published on
June 24, 2009

European Union fisheries ministers on Tuesday adopted an outline to further develop aquaculture in EU waters as part of reforming the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

At a meeting in Luxembourg, EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg supported the outline, which calls for simplifying and improving the regulatory framework for the fish-farming industry, particularly the cumbersome licensing process, among other things.

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Published on
June 16, 2009

A handful of marine-product exhibitors participated in the 14th annual International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition & Conference (IFIA) at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center.

Tokyo-based Chisso Corp. sells fish-scale collagen under the Marine Collagen Oligo brand. Fish-based collagen has a positive image, as Japanese consumers are wary of beef products due to BSE (mad-cow disease) and of collagens made from farm animals in … Read More

Published on
June 11, 2009

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants announced on Monday that it will source only sustainable seafood according to Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program.

The San Francisco-based company - which operates 45 chef-driven restaurants in its boutique hotels throughout the United States and Canada - pledged to purchase only species categorized as a "best choice" or "good alternative" under the Seafood Watch program and to shun species listed as "avo… Read More

Published on
May 27, 2009

Chef Tory McPhail of Commander’s Palace in New Orleans on Saturday was named King of Louisiana Seafood at the Louisiana Seafood Cook-Off, presented by the Lousiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board at the Louisiana Superdome.

McPhail took home first place for his Louisiana Seafood Mixed Grill recipe of grilled black drum, wild shrimp and blue crab over sliced Creole tomatoes, basil and grilled corn butter.

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Published on
May 12, 2009

No further outbreaks of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) have been recorded in Shetland since 31 March, leading local salmon and trout farmers to hope the disease is now firmly under control.

However, the outbreak has led to serious financial problems for the islands’ aquaculture companies. A government-backed aid scheme, they say, will go only a small way toward helping farmers recoup their losses.

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