Top China fisheries official affirms goal to cut seafood output, up quality by 2020

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July 10, 2017

China will cut its output from fish farming over the next three years by tightening environmental rules and adjusting the type of species and the quality of its’ output, according to the official in charge of implementing fisheries laws and regulations at China’s Agriculture Ministry. 

Zhang Xianliang, speaking recently at the fifth annual China Modern Fisheries Industry Development forum, said China aims to reduce its output from 69 million tons to 66 million tons in 2020. The country, he stressed, wants “less intensive, better quality seafood production systems.” The point was echoed by Zhang’s boss, Yu Kangzhen, the minister in charge of fisheries, who told the forum China’s seafood sector now needs to focus on “innovation and ecology” rather than volume. 

Representatives of agricultural conglomerate Tongwei Group, which is active in fish feed and aquaculture, also addressed the forum, co-hosted by the China Fisheries Association and the prestigious Tsinghua University. China’s broader targets for fisheries/aquaculture are outlined in the 13th Five Year Plan, a blueprint for the direction of the country’s overall economy. The forum was also addressed by marketing experts advising on branding.   

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