Operation Kurukuru 2017 results in investigation of Taiwanese purse-seiner

Published on
December 1, 2017

A multinational surveillance operation conducted by the Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency has resulted in the investigation of a Taiwanese purse-seiner for potential violations of Micronesia’s fishing license conditions.

Operation Kurukuru 2017 was a 10-day surveillance operation that took place in October. More than 500 officials from the 14 nations belonging to the Forum Fisheries Agency participated, boarding and inspecting more than 100 vessels. 

The Federated States of Micronesia participated in Kukukuru, seizing a Taiwan purse seiner they suspect of illegal fishing, according to a Radio NZ report. The vessel remains under investigation as to whether the vessel breached license conditions, according to Radio NZ.

Micronesia’s National Oceanic Resources Management Authority Director Eugene Pangelin said the operation demonstrated the FFA’s power to work together to ensure fisheries laws are being properly followed.

"We want those vessels given the right to fish in our EEZs to take their license conditions seriously, or face prosecution," Pangelin said.

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