Gao Fu Mao

Contributing Editor reporting from Beijing, China

Gao Fu Mao (Mark Godfrey) is an Irish journalist covering the agriculture and fisheries sectors in China for over a decade. Proficient in Mandarin, he has frequently traveled across China's fisheries and aquaculture regions and learned the inner workings of China's corporate world during a nearly three-year stint at the Financial Times' “China Confidential” publication. He has also reported widely across Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union.

Published on
December 15, 2017

Five companies have been chosen as China’s top seafood brands by trade body China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA).

CAPPMA made its choices public during a presentation in Zhoushan, the country’s leading fishery port.

A familiar name on the list of five is Da Yang Shi Jia, the brand of the company with the same name, which operates fishing vessels as well as seafood import, distribution, and processing op… Read More

Published on
December 14, 2017

Chinese seafood importers are concerned about the impact of new conservation rules on future supply of Ireland’s “goose-down crabs” – the name in Mandarin given to the necora puber variety of crab. 

Ireland’s Agriculture Ministry has announced that, under the European Union’ss Natura 2000 rules, crabs caught after 1 January, 2018, will be limited to 65 millimeters in size – typically 15 kilograms in … Read More

Published on
December 13, 2017

China’s booming tourism and its possible synergy with the country’s seafood industry was again highlighted this month with a tourism festival organized in southern China.

The Douwei region of Zhuhai organized the Baijiao Bass Tourism Festival around a local sea bass (also known as perch), which is a species with geographical indicator status in China. 

Located near Hong Kong and Macau, Douwei has specialized in production of sea … Read More

Published on
December 12, 2017

A Japanese-style buffet restaurant serving Chilean and Norwegian salmon and Spanish mackerel has topped the rankings of eateries listed on a leading Chinese restaurant reservations site. 

Ren Qing, also known as Ninsei, is part of a new wave of seafood buffet restaurants that have recently opened in Shanghai. Located on Huaihai Lu, a street in the city’s business district, Ninsei describes itself as a “high-level” seafood r… Read More

Published on
December 12, 2017

On the eve of an important gathering of world trade ministers, Chinese fishery officials have made a concession by publishing a document that promises to limit the country’s international fishing fleet to its 2016 level. 

This came in a briefing at the Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing, which oversees fisheries, on the newly released 13th Five-Year Plan of Distant Water Fishing Development.

The timing of the briefing appears to be par… Read More

Published on
December 11, 2017

China’s demand for high-end cod is causing a massive rise in smuggling as supply tightens, according to a respected industry research platform. 

Legal imports of what’s termed “silver cod” will total 1,000 tons in 2017, up from 633 tons in 2016, but smuggled imports could be as high as 2,000 tons, according to Dongpin Zhan Lue (Frozen Foods Strategy), which also points to an increase in average prices from CNY 220 (US… Read More

Published on
December 8, 2017

Peru could significantly shift its vannemei shrimp exports away from the U.S. towards China after the two countries signed an agreement to allow Peruvian shrimp shipments into Chinese ports.  

The recent signing of a sanitary protocol between Peru and China has been a trigger for a new surge in trade between the two countries, according to Chinese publication Dongpin Zhan Lue (Frozen Foods Strategy).

Peruvian Trade Minister Eduardo… Read More

Published on
December 8, 2017

Two high-end seafood restaurants in China have been hit with stiff fines by the country’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) after seafood on the premises tested positive for excessive presence of chemicals. 

A fine of CNY 10,000 (USD 1,510, EUR 1,280) was levied for excessive amounts of chloramphenicol and furacilinum found in seafood sampled at the Hai Bao Jiu Jia (“Seafood Treasure”) and Xin Cheng Hai Gang restaurants i… Read More

Published on
December 7, 2017

A Chinese aquaculture expert has said there are opportunities for international firms to help China modernize the sector.

At a forum organized by Chinese seafood information platform “Shui Chan Pin Dao” in Qingdao, Professor Liu Ying of Dalian Ocean University said China needs new technology and international cooperation because local technology is “immature.”

China has significantly tightened its focus on water pollution … Read More

Published on
December 6, 2017

Seafood traders’ margins are coming under pressure as a nationwide effort by Chinese authorities to close older seafood markets on traffic and hygiene grounds intensifies. 

The move has triggered a consolidation of the seafood trading scene, according to a series of reports on the sector in China’s most populous region, Henan. Henan has long been a hub of China’s frozen foods sector due to its location in the center of the … Read More