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Investigating the Outlaw Ocean

Investigating the Outlaw Ocean

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Lobster Master Class

Sean Murphy speaks with Carl Wilson, a biologist with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, about the American lobster.


What Will the Future Hold for the Conscious Seafood Consumer?

Speaker: Chris Coulter, CEO – GlobeScan; Marife Casem, Senior Manager, Sustainability – Walmart; Logan Soraci, Brand Manager - Brand Development Frozen Prepared Seafood - Conagra Brands; Kristen Stevens, Senior Marketing Manager - Marine Stewardship Council, USA

Session Description: Before COVID began to have an impact on the global health of people and economies, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) gained a good understanding of the conscious seafood consumer– or those who prioritize sustainability in their shopping habits – through GlobeScan consumer surveys, and an understanding of how to reach them, and their motivations for buying seafood. Early 2020 survey results showed that people are increasingly concerned about ocean health and the impacts of pollution, overfishing, and climate change. We learned that choosing sustainably sourced seafood rose in importance as a purchase motivator among seafood shoppers in the last two years, and that consumers are taking actions to help the ocean and are willing to do more for a sustainable future.


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One Year Later: How Remote Audits are Transforming Seafood Certification

Speakers: Steven Hedlund, Communications & Events Manager - Global Aquaculture Alliance; Greg Brown, SVP, Operations and Strategic Development - Global Aquaculture Alliance; Efrain Calderon, Head of Certification Assurance Team - Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC); Antonio Hervás, Program Manager for the MSC Accreditation Program – ASI; Libby Woodhatch, Executive Chair - MarinTrust

Session Description: It’s been just over a year since COVID-19 forced seafood certification programs to rethink how audits are conducted. With pandemic-inflicted travel restrictions limiting auditors’ ability to conduct onsite audits of aquaculture production sites and fisheries, certification programs worked with certification bodies to shift to partial or full remote audits while remaining in compliance with accreditation bodies. What’s working? What’s not working? What’s the future hold? Representatives of the world’s leading seafood certification programs discuss the advantages and disadvantages of remote audits, the need to maintain confidence and integrity in auditing, and the efficiencies that certification programs are realizing through remote audits.

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Case Study: Nueva Pescanova and IBM Ensure Traceability and Interoperability Using the GDST Standards

This session will dive into the work of leading seafood company Nueva Pescanova and their blockchain-based traceability platform, IBM Food Trust, using the GDST standards to achieve end to end supply chain traceability and system interoperability. Nueva Pescanova has been focusing on GDST implementation in two key operations: shrimp fishing in Argentina and cultivation of vannamei prawns in Ecuador, using a highly innovative approach. In this session, Nueva Pescanova, IBM Food Trust and the GDST Secretariat will share valuable insights into this work and discuss the future of implementation for Nueva Pescanova and other leading companies across the seafood industry.

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Seafood Business: A View From the M&A, Investment and Financing Angle

Moderator: Ignacio Kleiman, Antarctica Advisors

Suma Kulkarni, ACON Private Equity
Thomas Leissl, Blue Artic Finance
Michael Richard, Wells Fargo

A panel of experienced North American finance professionals will provide attending Seafood Industry participants with updated insight into aspects of the world of Finance and Investing that affect the running of their business and the value of their companies.

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Keynote: The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

Speaker: Tony Byers, PhD, Former Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion - Starbucks

Session Description: A properly managed diversity and inclusion program can increase engagement, creativity and business performance. By also learning to leverage diversity and inclusion through best practices, organizations can turn D&I into a powerful business advantage that stimulates innovation and drives marketplace growth.

In this game-changing keynote, Dr. Tony Byers shows you how to create a multiplier effect of inclusion that can increase utilization of talent and resources— more than doubling the capacity of a team to positively impact products and services, build brand image and increase profits and performance.

You’ll learn:

  • The eight steps that create a culture of inclusion
  • The three most important inclusive behaviors to promote
  • How to make the business case for doing D&I well
  • How companies have leveraged employee diversity to create new products, engage new customers, and grow revenue
  • 10 themes for building senior leader support for D&I programs


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